The more we give, the more we shall receive. Take care of our communities. Our children are our future.” We all have heard of the above at one point or another. We encourage all our corporate clients to take part in some form of charity. Time Check has pledged to give at least between 1-10% of annual turnover to the various mentioned charities. There is no greater feeling than that of helping an orphaned, sick or starving child. Please help us, help them.

School lunches,

Sunflower fund,


Senior Citizens,

Soup Kitchen for homeless / school children,



Please can you and your company help us raise the following items. We are a call away should you need us to collect. Upon collection we do prefer to take a picture of the collection party.


1]      Canned foods, soups,

2]      old clothes

3]      school stationery

4]      childrens toys

5]      herb and veggies seeds

6]      fertilizer and compost

7]      cash donations for lunch menus, ie- cheese, polony, bread...